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Women Of A Certain Age

The dictionary says "a certain age" is a phrase "used to avoid saying that a person, usually a woman,

is no longer young but is not yet old"

 In 18th century England, “a woman of a certain age” was first used by poet Lord Byron to refer to spinsterhood –

those “unfortunate” women who never married and had nothing to describe their sad predicament

between Miss and Mrs.

There are more women over 50 in this world now than ever before. We are living longer and offer the experience

and wisdom to keep us relevant. 

We don’t have to endure, as our mothers did, being referred to as an “older or mature woman” or a“senior”,  

knowing that it is just a prelude to being called  “elderly”, God forbid.

Be it 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's or beyond, we do exist and we are enough! Embrace those lines on your face and those wrinkles on you limbs. It is life and like on a tree they show what has been weathered and what has survived. 

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