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What Lies Within: the Eclectic Collections of Andrea M. Noel

Sometimes in life, the world presents you with something unexpected, like a small gift that appears fully wrapped with a bow on top. Seven years ago, I entered the collector’s world of Andrea M. Noel after a friend suggested that I might be interested in photographing Andrea's expansive collections. After approaching her about the potential of examining her assortments photographically, I was presented with a list of over sixty collecting categories, ranging from kitchen utensils to bedpans and urinals. When I arrived at Andrea's beautiful, home complete with a wraparound porch festooned with wisteria, I was unprepared for the surprises that lay within.  

Dale Niles, photographer


The photographs Dale Niles has created for What Lies Within: The Eclectic Collections of Andrea M. Noel, are not only the perfect creative cataloguing of Andrea’s well-developed sensibilities, but Niles’ images take possession of the objects in a new telling through staged tableaux and conceptual portraiture, creating her own reinterpreted collection of a collection.Aline Smithson, visual artist, educator and editor



“To enter Andrea Noel’s house is to step into another (studied, precise, yet entirely whimsical) dimension, one of endless possibility and connection. There is no one like Andrea or the cabinet of wonders that is her house and garden. The impeccable care and curation of matter, and of “moments” in space, that Andrea performs is a special kind of alchemy. To study these wonderful photographs is to open a door to someone else’s (in this case, two people’s) imagination. In What Lies Within, Dale conjures enchantments that mirror Andrea’s own.  

Alexa Dilworth, publishing director and senior editor at the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University













-Gold Winner PX3 Prix De La Photographie Paris 2023

-Bronze Winner Budapest International Foot Awards 2022

-First Place and Gold Winner in Tokyo International Foto Awards

-Selected by Elizabeth Avedon's for her Best Photography Book 2021

-Inclusion in the 13th Annual Self-Published Photobook Show presented by the

Davis Orton Gallery, Hudson NY and the Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester MA.

-Photographs by Dale Niles
-The book contains 150 full-color photographs printed with stochastic screening 

-The hardcover, fine art photography book is a large trim size of

11.5"x10.5” with 176 pages
-The smyth-sewn book features a lay-flat binding with 7 foldout sections. 
-The book's hard case cover will be wrapped in a fine weave linen cloth with foil stamping and

blind debossing
-The limited edition will be 750





Sooey, Sooey
(A fun day of Andrea herding her pig cutting boards)
-click on image to see more photos from the book-
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