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Fading Memories 


Our past, present, and future are intimately linked by our memories.   Memories hold

 important knowledge about our lives and our personal attributes and traits; through mental 

time travel, memory can also  directly transport us into past as well as into the future, to the 

person we are yet to become.


I began thinking of the validity of memories. Are memories 

something that you actually experienced or sometimes just a story that you have heard 

over and over until it becomes a memory?  


Occasionally a distant memory will pop up triggered by some random thing or thought.  

The recall on the complete thought is sometimes fuzzy. You think “is that how it really 



As time goes by memories began to fade. Spurred on by my introspective thoughts about 

memories, I started working with old photographs, combining my photos and textures.  

I would blur the photo as a memory might blur as it fades in hopes of preserving 

my legacy a bit longer.

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