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What Lies Within:The Eclectic Collections of Andrea M. Noel

Who doesn't collect something? What causes that urge? Maybe to relive and preserve our childhood or

revisit a memory, and keep the past living in our present. They also help ease our insecurities and anxieties

from loss. This series is a photographic collection of things of little concern to most people, but the way

they are meticulously cared for and put out for display gives them a new life, a new meaning,

in the form of visual storytelling. 


What began as a project documenting Andrea's 60 categories of collections, transformed into a

photographic journey that reveals discarded objects beautifully arranged in artful designs. The experience

of working with these collections has been transformative, as I reframe the ordinary into the

extraordinary. Her collections are an archive of what came before, reborn as an

entertaining, ever-changing story


This is a story worth telling and I am happy to share it.


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